Thursday, May 7, 2009

reunion 4 5science1 n 5science2 !!

2 all students from 5s1 or 5s2,u are invited 4 the reunion which is going 2 be held tomorrow...ots something like grab ur food and bring it over so that everybody can taste something from each n every1 of us 4 a rememberance b4 we all b apart from each other for the sake of furthering our studies..hope it'll be the best meeting 4 da moment b4 we hold another reunion after every1 is married!!
lol..juz joking!!so come on guys..hope 2 see every1 2morrow afternoon..
4 da malays,do go for friday prayers b4 u come over!!!

venue:hafizah's house
date:mei 8th 09
note:if possible,bring food 4 every1 so that we have some sort of food to remember u..