Monday, February 9, 2009

UnitY of OvER PaRty

As the name implies, it is an umbrella organization of people who are oVer.

The party was formed on 1st September 2008 .

The story of how it begin was histeriacally funny.

There was a guy who kept calling a girl 'Over' when she's not even that over.

She's just a she. The girl dont give a damn about it.

There was a time when political issues arose.

Everbody was being over like adult and talk about politics then.

Even the fact was we were over under age and we cant speak to the world to change the facts.

Students were talking they're in this party and that party.

Hello!! Look at the fact that we were over under age.

And so oVer party was announced.

Why do we need to be in the adult party when they cant even hear us?

So let us have our own party and enjoy!

We have our own life!

And so name the party.. 'the oVer party'

We only have on rule: There is no Rules! Just be oVer!

To let yourself in; you have to be damn oVer i mean really oooOOOooVer

Everybody is different and you too..everyone is oVer at something

You are gifted and special.


  1. "being over like adult and talk about politics then."
    aku taw sapa yg over bab politik...
    farhah lar..
    weh,sapa wat logo tuh??
    kinda cool..

  2. oour over designer kt..Farhah aka Ahli Majlis Penasihat Tinggi muahahahaha

  3. bwek. haha. fizaoverfizahoverfizahvoerfizahoverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr